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Mount Kailash Tour

Mount Kailash Tour Mt. Kailash (22028 Feet), considered to be a physical embodiment of the mythical Mt. Meru, is believed to be the most sacred mountain in the world. Its snow dusted rock pyramid is located in the scenically rich area of western Tibet, which lies between the Himalayas and Karakurum ranges. It is considered most auspicious to make a religious pilgrimage circuit of its fifty-three kilometers or 32 miles.

In fact, the entire region of Mt. Kailash is of important religious significance and includes the two turquoise-blue, pristine high-altitude lakes of Mansarovar and Rakshesa. Mt. Kailash is regarded holy by followers of several religions. To Hindus, Kailash is the abode of Shiva and nearby Manasarobar Lake, the soul of Brahma. Tibetans call Kailash Kang Rimpoche. Jains worship it as Mt Ashtapada, the peak from which the religion's founder, Rishabanatha, achieved spiritual liberation. And the followers of Bon-Po, the ancient pre-Buddhist shamanistic religion of Tibet, revere Kailash as the soul of Tibet.

Mt. Kailash Tour Packages
Kailash Tour and Simikot Trek
Kailash Tour and Simikot Trek 25 Days

This recently opened Simikot – Hilsa route to mystic Tibet (Western Tibet), endows you with the best of both Nepal and Tibet. Trekking from Nepal’s westernmost airstrip town Simikot to Tibet was open only in 1993. However pilgrims from Nepal have been frequently crossing over Tibet via Simikot – Hilsa route from the time immemorial...

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Mt. Kailash Tour
Mt. Kailash Tour 13 Days

Fly in and fly out tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa offers fun-filled adventurous journey around cultural heritages and historical places of Nepal and Tibet. Lhasa, most popularly known as ‘Sunlight City’, is regarded as the heart and soul of Tibet and hence is the number one tourist destination in Tibet. Visits to white and ochre fortress of Potala...

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Simikot - Kailash - Zhangmu Tour
Simikot - Kailash - Zhangmu Tour 19 Days

This amazing journey is a breathtaking adventure that takes you through some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever see as you trek up on to the Tibetan platuea through the eastern Himalaya. Once in Tibet you join a jeep for the drive to the holy Mount Kailash where you can join the hundreds of pilgrims in making the short but strenuous ...

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